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Alternative Green Guide (Korean Air)

The joy of visiting a new city and finding your byline in a local magazine is priceless. My latest trip to Seoul, Korea was incredible. I marvelled at the palaces, relished the food, and even donned their traditional attire.  But the icing on the cake was flipping through the Korean Air in-flight magazine, Morning Calm, and finding my article within. No greater thrill than seeing my byline in print, even 13 years into my editorial career.  The more I travel, the more I realise how unique Singapore is. It's a bustling, successful city with world-class infrastructure. But what sets it apart is that it manages to straddle its 'developed' face with a cloak of green, maintaining more than 46% of its land as a green cover. This is what makes Singapore unique and a pleasure to live in. My latest article in the Korean Air magazine takes tourists on a green trail across Singapore, highlighting some fabulous urban landscapes such as farms growing produce on top of malls, museums and

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