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Why Do We Eat With Our Bare Hands?

I spent the summer of 2023 in Europe, France specifically, as I studied all things food, wine and gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. To complete my diploma in Advanced Studies in Gastronomy from the University of Reims in the Champagne district, I was asked to work on a mémoire or a thesis on a topic of my choice.  As I sat through the lessons, learning from some of the most celebrated minds in the world of food, one thing kept nagging me. How there were 7 nationalities from 4 continents represented in that classroom, yet all references would come back to France, Italy, and perhaps a little bit of Japan and Russia. It's as if the rest of the world did not exist.  For my thesis topic, I chose to write about Ways of Eating . Specifically, eating with your fingers , or hands, as we colloquially call it. And as I delved into its various aspects, speaking to neuroscientists, researchers, chefs, Ayurvedic doctors and anthropologists from across the world, I found myself fascinated at ev

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