Restaurant Review: Khiri (Expat Choice)

Thai cuisine is often categorised as one, whereas the truth is that each region in Thailand has its own unique flavours, hero ingredients and delightful dishes. If you want to break out of the box and go beyond the usual Thai curries and Phad Thai noodles, I suggest you book a table at Restaurant Khiri immediately. 

Perfect for a date night, a celebratory dinner, or just a fabulous meal because you deserve it, Khiri, formerly known as Chedi, showcases Thai favourites wrapped up in contemporary glossy wrapping paper. Possibly the only ‘Contemporary Thai’ restaurant in Singapore, the food here is a far cry from the curries you may have in mind. However, from the amuse-bouche to the dessert, Khiri’s eight-course menu takes you on a delectable journey through the wonders of Thailand’s culinary heritage. 

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