Blue Mountains of India (Expat Living)

The Nilgiris in the south of India have not always been so close to my heart. A Delhi girl, I loved the Himalayas growing up. Shimla, Mussoorie, Khajiaar...these were the hill stations that we would spend our summers in. But as time passed, and the country's relentless abuse of the mighty mountains in the north continued, these destinations slowly transformed into something almost grotesque. Over-built, highly commercial, concrete transformers (just barely) hanging off the slopes of these young mountains. And what was once a lush landscape, gradually started bearing 50 shades of brown.

And thus, I went to other parts of our vast country, searching for solace. I found it first in the Western Ghats, but only during the monsoon months. And eventually, I stumbled upon the Nilgiris. This stunning, still relatively untouched utopia evoked a sense of belonging, as it does till date. And this is the part of India I now relate most to. The part that I visit most often, and the part that I want to showcase to those who want a glimpse of my beautiful country, beyond its popular touristy facade. 

My latest piece, published in Singapore's Expat Living print magazine, gives you three top reasons to visit the Nilgiris. Part of me wants to keep it hidden from the world, to help retain its innocence for a while longer. But journalism is about the truth. And the Nilgiris are my truth. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you - my favourite part of India. The blue mountains. The Nilgiris. 

Read the story in the July issue of Expat Living magazine. Or find the article here.  


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