Laos - The gentle art of slowing down (Wine & Dine Magazine)

My first trip this year, and the second last (which I didn't know at that point), was a trip to Laos over Chinese New Year. Often overlooked as the poor cousin of neighbouring Vietnam, Laos has paid heavily for its geographical location. Yet, it remains a place that packs in an incredible array of experiences for the curious traveller.

Laos is not for those seeking nightlife or adventure. It's for the adventurous, but not the bungee-jumping kinds. It's for those who don't mind exploring at their own pace, sans the safety net of knowing if they will find x number of sights at the end of the day. Laos is for the curious traveller. For those who find wonder in watching the sunset from a boat, and for those who can wander for hours, and yet not get lost. 

And most of all, Laos is not for those in a hurry. There's a slower pace there. A gentler way of being. If you're ok with leaving your watch behind, and allowing yourself to appreciate the moment, Laos is for you. 

The article can be found on the digital magazine published here (free access until Oct 2020). You'll need to create a Magzter account, but hey - all good things come after a little bit of effort ;) 


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