Street Food Trail Through Asia (Travellive Vietnam)

"...the best way to get acquainted with any city is to walk its streets. Glitzy buildings and ancient monuments can tell one story but you will only realize the true culture of a place when you sit down with locals on stools laid on the sidewalk and share a plate of whatever they are having. This couldn’t be truer for Asia. The continent is but a collection of many micro-cultures, often overlapping and influencing one another but each distinct in its own self. From Vietnam to Japan, from Malaysia to Cambodia, each country has its own story to tell, if you take the time to listen patiently enough.

The food culture of a country is best seen on the streets. No fancy cutlery or smoke and mirrors to hide behind, street food is honest and real. It is often the mainstay of locals, who grab a bite on the way to work or after a long day and tells you a lot about the way they live. Here’s a peak into some amazing street foods I found across Asia, which allow you to get a glimpse of the culture that they represent...."

Published in Travellive Magazine (Vietnam), the story touches upon some of the most iconic street foods across Asia. These are but a glimpse of what is on offer. To say that Japan offers no more than ramen or India's street food is defined by gol gappas/ pani puri would be sacrilege. But the dishes mentioned in the article do give an introduction to the treasures that await the traveler on the street of Asia. Read the article here


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