The Royal City of London (Travellive)

Vietnam's most widely distributed travel magazine, Travellive, commissioned me to write a honeymoon story on London for their September issue. Just back from Europe, starry-eyed me was more than willing to pen down my love affair with the historical city of London.

"...Perhaps the city that inspired the most literary stalwarts, London is the perfect backdrop for a good tale. And for avid readers, it is nothing short of a magical kingdom. It is where JK Rowling was inspired to write Harry Potter and the city features multiple times in her books. If you are a Potter fan, you can even take tours that scout out hidden alleys and nooks that you will find all too familiar. For mystery aficionados, Sherlock Home’s 221B Baker Street is not just a fictional address but now a museum dedicated to their favourite literary hero..."

Though found at more than 1000 newsstands in Vietnam, the magazine is notoriously difficult to get your hands on outside the country. You may though, if you are so inclined, find the web-copy of the publication here


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